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Tea Time With Me

The Inside World of one Miss Manda

11 July 1989
I'm a college Sophomore in Iowa, 20 years old and in a loving relationship. I'm currently in a Liberal Arts major at my local community college, but will be going into Administrative Assistant program in the fall. I love watching the rain and thunderstorms, finding both relaxing. As it is the new year of 2010, I've decided to make better health and fitness decisions to get the most out of my life and have a healthy and happy future with Dan.

I'm a writer over on the wonderful Harry Potter Fan Fiction site, www.harrypotterfanfiction.com, and have a few stories going over there. I'm horrid with updates though as inspiration and time don't always go hand in hand with each other. I also love vampires, very much so. And this was before the big Twilight craze mind you, though I am a fan...guilty pleasure. Video games are a favorite past time of mine, with access to a few systems. Reading and cooking are my real loves though.
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