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Light at the End of the Tunnel....

Well...its been a hell of a long time, huh?  Over 60 weeks...and has a lot changed since then.

I've matured since those last few posts in 2008, not sounding as much as a whiny teenager and needless to say my high school posts from '07 will remain hidden...  My relationships have grown and weakened, my self-esteem and more, so much more.

I screwed up my education there for a bit, to the point that I was barely able to register for classes this term.  Good news though and I'm currently taking two credits to try and get my GPA up to a 2.0 and get off these suspensions.  I'm enjoying my two classes; Intro to Computer Business Applications and Intro to Accounting.  I'm going to be going into the Administrative Assistant program at my community college when that 2.0 is reached.  After finishing that program I will probably go back and expand on it, in these times you have to do so to keep from getting stuck somewhere.  Currently I have a faint plan in motion.  Because of the program, dealing with businesses are important so I will probably go back and go into the business programs getting my feet wet again at the community college before transferring.  And because of the business world, and personal interests, I plan on taking a language course in Japanese.  English and Japanese are the two most widely used languages for the industry.  Plans tentative but at least its a goal.

My relationship with Dan grows stronger day by day, despite the fact we're not physically together at the moment.  Long-distance relationships certainty can take their toll on a couple, but we're going on two years now and we love each other very much.  We have our ups and downs yes, by no means is it picture perfect, but we have a solid foundation as friends and lovers.  Trust, respect, love, friendship, compassion...

I have a body spiel...but due to length it will come in a later post.

Thank you!  And I'm so very glad to be back.



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